Sell your gold in 3 easy steps


Order your pack

Click to order a free GoldPack today and it will be sent to you the same day.


Organise it

The GoldPack contains individual bags for you to put your jewellery, coins, dental gold and bars or any metal containing gold, silver, platinum and palladium.


Post it

Send the GoldPack to us by Royal Mail Special Delivery. All parcels are insured to the value of £2500 and the pack will be with us within 24 hours.

We buy all precious material such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Who We Are

Postal Gold is a service provided by SBMG precious metal refiners. We buy all gold and silver items including gold chains, gold rings, pendants, bracelets, dental gold, coins bars and anything containing precious metals. 

Cut Out The Middleman

As you’re selling direct to a refiner you are cutting out the two in the gold buying process. Giving you more money for your gold than any other company is willing to pay. has changed the way that gold is sold in the UK to give the customer true and honest returns for their gold, unlike the majority of the gold buying market.

Postal Gold gives you access to prices and rates that only traders receive.

Accurate Results

Postal Gold by SBMG uses the latest technologies such as XRF Spectrometry to analyse the materials that you send us meaning that you always get paid for the correct precious metal content. This equipment is only used by by refiners, by selling to a middleman your gold may be paid out at less value than it’s worth.


Same day payment

Postal Gold by SBMG really is the easiest place to sell your gold. We pay the highest comparable rates and we can also pay on the same day as receiving your material.

You can choose from Cash, Paypal or and Instant Bank Transfer.